Hades's Hegemony is a new brand of dietary supplements, which is distinguished on the market by a series of laboratory tests, regarding all its products: SARM MK-677, MK-2866 SARM, SARM GW-501516, SARM LGD-4033 and Yohimbine HCL.

The studies were conducted by one of the most reputable laboratories in the USA, Microbac Laboratories Ltd., and crowned by issuing the appropriate certificate confirming full compliance of the supplements content with the descriptions of their compositions on the labels – so customers can be 100% sure that they get what the brand promises.

And it promises them fully safe, effective, and at the same time innovative and the most desirable products on the market. In the opinion of many experts of sports supplementation, Hades's Hegemony supplements stand a big chance to become No. 1.


Why "Hades's Hegemony"?

Hades was one of the most powerful Greek gods, the master of the underworld.

It was also called Plouton, which in Greek means "a wealth". He was called Agesandros as well, so "leading people." As one of his attributes often mentioned is a cornucopia, symbolizing power over raw materials.

By putting his name in the name of our brand, we could not better express where we are going and which way we want to get there.

We want to not only exist, but also to become a hegemon in the world of some of the most popular dietary supplements, offering a rich selection of them and taking full responsibility for any, even the smallest component of them.


For this purpose, we adapted our process of raw materials selection, production and packaging to the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and subjected our finished products to rigorous quality tests in a certified laboratory in the United States, the quality by which we understand safety and effectiveness – putting your health and success on a pedestal.